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Yearbook 2022 Signing Party

Grauer Yearbooks were distributed by the Yearbook team on Thursday, June 2. After picking up their yearbooks, students read the yearbook and signed their friends' yearbooks during the Lunchtime Concert and Yearbook Signing Party. Thanks to Visual Arts teacher and Yearbook Team Leader Johnny King, to Yearbook Editor Makela R. '23, to Yearbook team members Gage G. '22, Aviya A. '24, Juna M. '23, Carson B. '24, Rosie R. '22, and Peggy Gardner, to Cover Artwork Artist Jenna C. '22, and to the entire 2021-2022 Yearbook team for all of their hard work in creating The Grauer School's annual yearbook. Many students and staff commented that this year's yearbook is the best one yet!

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Dr. Grauer's Column - Top Tier

High school seniors around the country are in the process of submitting college applications, leading to important decisions about which colleges should they apply to for admission. One of the deciding factors can be whether the school is rated in the "top tier". Does attending a top-rated school lead to happiness for every student?

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