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The Grauer School's Middle School Inventors Showcase

From Patricia Young and Nick Scacco, Middle School Science Teachers: 

Last Thursday, January 17, our Middle School students rolled up their sleeves and demonstrated their marketing chops while participating in our Inventors’ Showcase. Each student advertised the merits of his or her invention/innovation to family members, staff, and friends that were posing as potential investors. The investors had a bustling forty-five minutes to determine just where their “Grauer Bucks” should be directed. Thanks to students, family, and staff for working together to make this year the best showcase event we’ve had to date.  Special thanks to the team of judges who gave up time from their busy schedules to contribute to the event.

Congratulations to all of Grauer's Middle School students for their inventive projects and participation in the Inventor's Showcase! We'd like to congratulate all of the students listed below who won awards based on voting by the judges and audience investments of "Grauer Bucks" :

Judges evaluated inventions on creativity, usefulness, written presentation, prototype creation and marketing display.
Best of Show Trophy
Max B. (8th grade) with The Smart Table
1st Place Medal
Eli D. (7th grade) with  Retractable Guitar Cord
Adrien C. (8th grade) with The Dory Lap Counter - "Keep on Swimming"

2nd Place Medal
Gillian C. (7th grade) with Homework Hook
Devon O. (8th grade) with The Hand Trapeze

3rd Place Medal 
Colin E. (7th grade) with Community Ed
Gabe C. (8th grade) with The Germ Fighter Timer

BEST SALES for the NIGHT (based on "Grauer Bucks" investments):
1st Place Ribbon 
Kendal B. (7th grade) with Auto Paw
Max B. (8th grade) with The Smart Table

2nd Place Ribbon
Cooper B. (7th grade) with Define
Jake S. (8th grade) with The Solar Chest

3rd Place Ribbon
Carson B. (7th grade) with Solar Seat
Silke B. (8th grade) with A Lady's Best Friend

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