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TEDx Talk by Grauer Student

Congratulations to John Joseph H. '23 for having a TEDx talk on the official TEDx Youtube channel! John Joseph created his video talk "If we can do it, you can do it" in May 2017 before coming to The Grauer School, and it has just recently been included in the official TEDx video lineup. Click here to view John Joseph's video.

His video synopsis says, "John Joseph wants adults to change their voice from being negative, criticizing, and only finding fault to one of listening and compromise. Two competing sides often both have good ideas and some ideas are actually identical. So why is it so hard for our us to come to agreement. After experiencing the success of students who are able to listen, debate and compromise, John Joseph knows that things finding "win-win" solutions is possible. While these ideas aren't new and shiny, but he believes that if kids can do it, then the adults can learn from their example and make an awesome, better world."

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