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Summer School 2020 at Grauer - Weeks 2 & 3

Grauer's Summer School program continues to provide educational and entertaining classes for our students. Camps over the last 2 weeks included Music Camp with Courtney Conway, Surf Camp with Brian Dugan and Brendan Wallace at local beaches, Pottery Camp with Loly Lutti Pottery, and Creative Writing Camp with Christina Burress.

Christina shared reflections from her camp, saying, "The Creative Writing Camp was great, with a slow and relaxed pace. In the Gratitude Circle at the end of camp, all 8 students said the best part about the camp was being together, even if we were in masks and 6 feet apart. Everyone was craving this sense of togetherness. We spent time in nature and thinking about nature, and we talked about what’s happening in the world. It was a healing week. The writing that we produced seems secondary to what was actually accomplished in the camp!"

Grauer's Summer Camps are following the guidelines and protocols set by the San Diego County Health Department, including conducting daily temperature checks and health screening questions for students and staff, daily campus sanitation, wearing masks when required, and practicing social distancing. You can see some of the Summer Camp action over the last 2 weeks in the photos below. 

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