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Physics Class - "Egg Drop" Momentum & Energy Project 

From Morgan Brown, Physics Teacher:

Physics students finished their unit on momentum and energy by designing and building devices in the classic "Egg Drop" experiment. This experiment required them to build a contraption to hold an egg while it was dropped from a large height, with the goal of having the egg stay intact after impacting the ground. Students were allowed to be creative and use whatever resources they wanted. A number of the students joined the class from home on Zoom, so they created their contraptions and ran their experiment at their homes. Some of the materials used for construction included bubble wrap, sponges, cotton balls, paper propellers, crumpled paper, boxes and bags, and wooden sticks.

The students learned about the relationship between drop height and impact velocity, the relationship between impact duration and distance with the force experienced by the egg, and the various ways to improve the chances of survival. Most students designed an apparatus which both slowed the descent of the egg as well as cushioned the impact. The best designs incorporated both elements. Congratulations to every single student for building successful devices that kept their egg from breaking after being dropped, whether it was on campus from The Justice Center's upstairs walkway at over 5 meters high, or from similar heights by the Zoom students at their homes! 

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