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Passing on the Golden Shovel - Congratulations, Fariba!

Passing on the Golden Shovel - Congratulations, Fariba!
Passing on the Golden Shovel - Congratulations, Fariba!

At the Assembly on November 22, Isaac Langen passed on the Golden Shovel to Fariba Farah, Math Teacher. Here's an explanation from Dr. Stuart Grauer about the The Grauer School's "Golden Shovel" Award: "In 2000, when we embarked upon construction of our Great Hall Building, our board members lined up with shovels to turn the first earth. We shoveled in dirt and pebbles from many countries all over the world, forever a part of the school foundation! At the conclusion of the ceremony, board member Mike Branon donated his shovel to our faculty. Since then, several times a year, the staff nominates one person to receive 'The Golden Shovel'. The recipient of the Golden Shovel exemplifies the core values of our school, but a wide variety of related values come into play: hard work, perseverance, loyalty, and teamwork all are deeply held values of our faculty." 

In nominating Fariba for the Golden Shovel, Isaac said, "Fariba perfectly embodies the ideal of relationship-based education. She is one of the most nurturing, patient, caring teachers at Grauer and her students absolutely love her. She is a crucial part of the Grauer School experience for so many kids who come through our program." Isaac also shared quotes from several of her students:
"Fariba is funny, and she explains Math well and is supportive and always willing to explain things deeply, and she makes sure to connect with the students."
"She is lovely and warm and kind, and she's always there to help you. Aside from being a teacher, she's a wonderful person to talk to."
"Fariba is always someone I can turn to, no matter what: school, personal life, or just to listen to everything I have to say. Since I met her when I first started at Grauer, she has been like a second Mom to me, and I know that she will always be there for me!! She is the kindest person you will ever meet, and the actual best!!"

Here are some additional comments about Fariba's nomination for the Golden Shovel award from Grauer teachers and staff members:
~ "Fariba is one of the most selfless, caring, loving people I know. She dedicates so much time to her students and our community, it is admirable. She cares for her students like her own children and finds ways for them to feel confident and successful in math class."
~ "Fariba is a true Grauer School legend. She gives unsparingly of her true self, and that giving goes right to our hearts."
~ "Fariba makes everyone she knows feel loved, cared for, seen, and special. We are all so lucky to know her!"
~ "Fariba - you've got this beautiful gift of making the people around you feel warm, fuzzy, and loved. Thank you for sharing that gift and sharing it so freely. Never forget how much you are loved too!"
~ "Fariba - the cheer from the kids today when they figured out that you won the Golden Shovel was so awesome! You so deserve the honor. We are lucky to have you at the school."

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