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Microplastics Presentation at Grauer's Weekly Assembly

On October 22, Marine Biology teacher Brendan Wallace welcomed Dr. Jennifer Brandon to speak to all of our students at Grauer's weekly assembly about Microplastics. Dr. Brandon is a Marine Biologist who has been researching microplastics for 7 years, specifically determining where all of the microplastics in the ocean come from. Her research has shown that a large amount comes from fibers discarded by washing machines when clothes made of synthetic materials are washed. Other sources include microbeads from cleaning products, and nurdles, which are the small pellets of plastic that are used to manufacture plastic products. Many of these plastic sources are dumped into storm drains and then washed into the ocean because they are too small to be filtered by water filtration processes, and then the animals in the ocean ingest this plastic material. This has led to a very high percentage of the ocean's animals having plastic in their systems and it has implications for the entire food chain. This was a very informative presentation for our students and staff, especially due to the school's ecostewardship pledge for this school year. 

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