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Medieval Harvest Festival at Grauer

From Tori Faxon, Social Studies Teacher:

On Friday, November 15, the 7th grade Global Insights and English classes, in combination with the Environmental Science class, the Cooking class, and Grauer Garden team, hosted a rousing Medieval Harvest Festival! Students hosted stations on topics they had researched in depth, including blacksmithing, medieval warfare, clothing, art, and so much more. After weeks of hard work leading up to the event, each group presented their informational poster board, dressed in period costumes, and authentically role-played as members of a medieval community. While teaching others what they learned about the time period, students also encouraged community members to engage in games and activities designed by the students to demonstrate their aspect of life on a medieval fief. Members of the school and community had a chance to take a photo with friends in the Medieval Fashion Photo Booth, and spent time in the stocks with the crime and punishment station, while munching on tasty harvest-themed treats and snacks.

After the festivities ended, the 7th and 8th grade students competed in a Medieval Sports Tournament. Events included: hammer throwing, javelin toss, an obstacle course on 'horseback,' archery, and bocce. Congratulations to the 7th grade class for their victory as champions on our festival day! At the end of the festival, parents and friends were able to take home bundles of freshly picked herbs and plants that were grown and cared for by our students.

A special thanks to Grauer Parents Erin Hawk-Miller, Jeremiah Miller, and Akemi Dyer for their hard work and contributions with organizing the decoration and setup, as well as providing an authentic blacksmith's forge for students to practice on. We would also like to thank all of the faculty and staff who helped with this event, and all of the Grauer parents who came to learn about Medieval times from our students.

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