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Kumeyaay Expert Visits Grauer 

From Alicia Tembi, U.S. History Teacher:

8th grade US History students and the Grauer Parent Gardening Club enjoyed a presentation by Mike Wilken-Roberston, local cultural anthropologist, professor of Anthropology at California State San Marcos, and author of Kumeyaay Ethnobotany. Mike has lived with, studied, and taught about the Kumeyaay for decades. He shared information about the Kumeyaay way of life, and explored the Grauer campus and native wildlife corridor with us to teach us all about the medicinal uses of various plants that the Kumeyaay would have relied upon. For example, we learned about the various ways a Prickly Pear cactus can be eaten, and about how both Black Sage and Yerba Santa can be used to relieve a cough and other respiratory symptoms. Mike's presentation was incredibly interesting, and we all benefited from learning about how the Kumeyaay were really the first environmentalists. 

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