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High School Music Cafe Night at The Grauer School

High School Music Cafe Night - Girls Singing

Grauer's Visual and Performing Arts Department presented their High School Music Café Night on Thursday, November 29. This event featured musical performances from a variety of genres.

Isaac Langen's and Tom Hopper's High School music classes each presented a music set—students in Music 1 & 2 classes performed the first half of the program starting at 6:30pm, and Advanced Music students performed the second half of the program after the intermission. Johnny King's Visual Arts and Photography students also displayed their work in an Art Show in Meyer Hall. Students in the Girl Rising Club sold food at the event, and they raised around $300 for Daraja Academy. It was a beautiful evening, and we thank everyone who came to support our talented performers and artists!

High School Music Cafe Night Performance

Artwork at High School Music Cafe Night

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