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Grauer's Senior Class Presents Their Activist Fair

From Christina Burress, English Teacher, and Jessi Brown, Government Teacher:

Grauer Seniors participated in an Activist Fair on December 11. The Fair is part of a semester-long Senior Seminar Project designed to help seniors raise awareness about a social, environmental, or political issue they are passionate about. Grauer Senior Nate M. '20 created a proposal to present the Activist Fair for the first time this year, after being inspired by the passion shown by Middle School students when they presented educational information at the Medieval Harvest Festival in November. 

The Seniors presented their projects about the activism topic they have been researching this year. Some of the topics that were presented included Sustainability, Conservation, Eco-Stewardship, Beach Cleanup, Domestic Abuse, Food Waste and Food Insecurity, Electric Vehicles, Social Media Consumption Awareness, and more. Some of the students created their own websites to display their research on the topic they chose. An example of one of these student websites is the Sustainable Gardening website created by Kendal H. '20 - click here to view Kendal's impressive website.

Nate said, "I'm very proud of our Senior class for sharing their enthusiasm about these important topics, and I think all of them went above and beyond to create great presentations. Although it was a challenging process to get the proposal finalized since it was the first time we've done this event, I'm glad I was able to get it done. I hope that the Activist Fair can be presented every year by the Senior class."

The Activist Fair is just one level of awareness raising for the Senior class. Students will continue work into quarter 3 with actions to educate the public such as building websites, creating a social media presence, writing editorials, recording podcasts, and planning community service events.  

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