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Grauerpalooza Week 2020: A Celebration of the Arts

From Isaac Langen, Visual & Performing Arts Department Chair:

Huge congratulations to our incredible community of artists for the unprecedented pivot in making the 16th Annual Grauerpalooza Arts festival such a success! At first we were daunted at the task of trying to capture the magic of our biggest arts event of the year in an online format. I hesitated to suggest making it a 5 day festival knowing this would require a lot of work, but the thought of asking our school community to sit at a computer for 4 hours on a Saturday seemed less than appealing. I would like to offer huge kudos to my fantastic team of arts teachers - Tom Hopper, Courtney Conway, Erin Langen, Johnny King, Dina Treibel, Christina Burress and Peggy Gardner - for completely reimagining the program as a week of nightly programming. This allowed us to showcase our entire Arts Department in ways I never thought possible! Digital art museum tours, scenes and monologues, a middle school showcase, a film premiere, an evening of live-streamed performances, over 40 music videos performed, recorded and edited by our talented students - all of this made for a one-of-a-kind celebration of the creative spirit, perseverance and ingenuity of our Grauer Visual and Performing artists. We're excited to find ways to incorporate this format into our events in the years to come. With over 11,000 views on our Grauer Arts Youtube channel, we are reaching viewers in ways we never dreamed. The arts are thriving at The Grauer School, regardless of the situations in which we find ourselves! Thanks so much for your support and congratulations to our phenomenal musicians, actors, artists, filmmakers and teachers who made this event possible!  If you missed the events, click here to check them out our Grauer Arts Youtube channel, and click on the links in the messages below to view the other Grauerpalooza components.

Erin Langen, Theatre Teacher, said, "This year was truly a special year for our VPA department, and even with all the challenges it has been rewarding to see and hear our students collaborate and create together. Thank you to Isaac, Tom, Courtney, Johnny, Dina, and Christina for sharing a vision for our young artists to share. For the last 4 years, the Theatre Department has produced a Senior Showcase, which is a production directed by seniors. This year, we produced scenes from the works of David Ives. We titled it, "The Night of Ives" and it can be viewed and enjoyed on our Grauer Arts Youtube channel. Thank you to my 3 senior directors: Hannah W. '20, Nathaniel M. '20, and Francesca M. '20. And thank you to all the actors in the production: You all were wonderful! I appreciate your creative enthusiasm & dedication."

Dina Treibel, Film Studies Teacher, said, "The Grauer Film Department was not able to celebrate our student filmmakers in Meyer Hall like last year, so we went virtual and hosted Film Night on YouTube Premiere. Projects screened during Film Night include film scores by musicians from the Music Department, 7th Grade Multimedia students vlogging about their lives during the coronavirus pandemic, and film projects from Film Studies and Advanced Film students featuring actors from the Theatre Arts Department. The category of projects screened at Film Night include documentary, comedy, meta-comedy, silent film, suspense, and psychological thriller. Student filmmakers, their family, and Grauer teachers and staff met in Zoom, watched the premiere, and then reconvened back in Zoom for an impromptu Q&A session. Students were asked about their filmmaking process, issues they experienced while filming, and how they resolved them to create an artful film project. Film Night was truly a collaborative event from the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Gratitudes goes out to everyone involved!"

Johnny King, Visual Arts Teacher, said, "At the end of every school year, it's been a tradition that our Visual Arts students submit their best artwork to the San Diego County Fair Student Showcase Exhibit as a final culmination and celebration of the year. But this year, with the fair being canceled, we came up with a new way to celebrate the students and their work: "The Museum of Grauer Art"  - our very first "virtual" art museum. The museum opened officially on the Monday of Grauerpalooza week, and will continue to stay open for family, friends, and other visitors to "walk through" and view the amazing student work. With the success of this museum, we are looking forward to continuing with this in future years, quarantine or not!" 

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