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Grauer World History Class Learns About Afghanistan History 

From Paul-Michael Ogburn, World History Teacher:

Guest speaker Tarana Alam visited the 10th Grade World History students last week. There is a lot of change happening right now in Afghanistan, and to understand where it is today, we have to understand how it was in the past. Tarana visited with our students in order to share her personal story of growing up in Afghanistan as it used to be and how it changed under Communist rule, and her family's experience fleeing as refugees from the Soviet invasion. She also shared her successes in overcoming the challenges of being a refugee, an immigrant, and a woman to find both personal success with her amazing family and professional success as the Vice President and Managing Director of a financial firm. Our students were able to hear her stories and understand Afghanistan as it was before 40 years of continual war has shaped it into what we see today. Tarana also shared the intricacies of Afghan culture with us and brought in both traditional and modern Afghan clothing and jewelry to show to the students. We thank her for taking the time to share with us and to help us understand one of the most complex countries on Earth. 

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Shockwave Robotics #3848 Participates in FTC Competition Kickoff for 2021

Members of Grauer's Shockwave #3848 High School Robotics team came to campus to participate in the kickoff of this year's First Tech Challenge (FTC)  "Freight Frenzy" competition. The team members already have some great ideas about the robot's drive train and the mechanism they will need to build to pick up items on the field. 

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