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Grauer Theatre Department Presents "Alice in Wonderland" Play

Congratulations to the cast and crew of this year’s Grauer high school play, "Alice in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass", on a very successful 3-night run with packed audiences! The talent of this year’s large ensemble cast was spectacularly displayed in this challenging and colorful production. Special accolades go to Theatre Department Director Erin Langen for her vision and all of the time, energy, and love she invested in this year’s production. Congratulations to leading actress Madeline N. '19 who brought "Alice" to life through all of the unique adventures she encountered on her journey through Wonderland.

We would also like to thank our incredible Visual and Performing Arts Department for their collaboration. Thank you to Isaac Langen, Tom Hopper, Jake Kelsoe, Johnny King, and Dina Treibel for all of their efforts and for the components their students created that made this production so special, including live music during the shows, screen graphics, hand-painted mural backdrops, graphic designs, cast and yearbook photography, and filming of the production. Approximately one-third of our high school students were involved in one way or another with this production, showcasing Grauer's culture of collaboration, age-mixing, mentoring, and inclusion!

Erin sends her thanks to the Grauer community, saying, "It is our amazing, loving, and fulfilling community that makes all this possible. The teachers, the staff, the administration, and the students make up an awesome family." We would also like to thank all of the Grauer families and friends who came to see the show in support of these amazing students and our Visual and Performing Arts Department!

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