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Grauer Surf Team Competition

From Brian Dugan, Surf Coach:

With the cancellation of the fourth Scholastic Surf Series (SSS) contest, The Grauer School surf team organized a bit of friendly competition amongst themselves at Boneyards in Encinitas this past Saturday, February 6. Just like the normal Team vs. Team competition with SSS, surfers earned points for their two-person teams based on their placement at the end of each of three heats: shortboard, longboard, and board transfers. The third category required surfers to begin surfing a wave on one board before switching to another board mid-wave. It's as difficult as it sounds, but the surfers did not disappoint and pulled off some crazy maneuvers.

The team scored some small and challenging waves. In the end, all Grauer teams were close to victory, but Sage S. '23 and Mo H. '22 took home the win along with gift cards to Gelato 101! A big thanks to Arthur P. '23, Tate S. '23, Erik H. '21, Kevin M. '21, Case C. '21, Tristan R. '22, and Embry R. '23 for coming out and creating some top-notch competition. Congrats to all of our surfers on a successful competition! 

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