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Grauer Student Ski Trip

Eight Grauer Juniors and Seniors went to Snow Summit at Big Bear Mountain for a day of skiing on Monday, February 7. The day was orchestrated by Senior Savannah H. '22, as a way of reclaiming some expeditionary time lost from the pandemic, and it was a huge success. All of the skiers explored the entire mountain along with chaperoning skiers Head of School, Dr. Stuart Grauer, and Athletics Director, Trevor Olson. Ski days are a long Grauer tradition and very much a part of the founding practices. Dr Grauer noted, “When I was a teacher at International School of Bern, we went skiing at 10 AM every Friday during ski season—the whole school—and I vowed I would continue a tradition like that with my own school.” Savannah added, "This was a special experience to be with our peers out in nature doing an extreme sport. Stuart was wonderful because he skied a run with each of the students on our trip!" Trevor said, "Watching Stuart carve down the mountain with his students was powerful not only in its beauty, but also in its profound symbolism of the roots of The Grauer School."

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