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Grauer Student Activism: Black Lives Matter Protests

In recent weeks, some Grauer students and staff members have been participating in "Black Lives Matter" protests taking place in San Diego. At a protest in Encinitas on June 3, hundreds of surfers spelled "UNITY" with their boards before participating in a paddle out for unity at Moonlight Beach. Recent Grauer graduate Tyler T. '20 captured the event in two spectacular drone photos for Reuters, Makela R. '23 is shown holding up a protest sign at the event, Sheila Wirick protested at another event in Encinitas with her family, Max B. '23 participated in a BLM skateboard protest in Encinitas on June 22, and incoming 8th grader Blu I. '25 protested at the Cardiff Kook on June 4 where she was interviewed by a television news crew and given the honor of reading some of the names of those unjustly killed.

Grauer student activism was a high priority for our student body during the last school year, and these Grauer community members are continuing that important work this summer. Tyler said, "I'm so proud to have my first published photos be those of such an incredible event. No matter age, religion, race, gender, sexuality, everybody was there for the same reason. I strongly suggest attending any local peaceful protest you can - talking to members of the community and being a part of history is something you'll never forget." 

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