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Grauer Physics Class - Acceleration Experiments With A Big Splash!

From Morgan Brown, Physics Teacher:  

Grauer Physics students have been learning about acceleration, and in particular, the acceleration of objects caused by earth's gravitational field. We are studying the difference between the ideal case (ignoring air resistance) and real life, where air resistance impedes the acceleration of objects differently based on their shape, size, mass, and velocity. Over the past 2 weeks, students dropped several different objects and collected data in order to calculate the actual acceleration of the objects and compare it to expected values. They then culminated the data collection with a watermelon drop, demonstrating that while all objects (ignoring air resistance) fall at the same rate, some also make a big splash and leave behind a healthy snack ! 

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Dr. Grauer's Column - Top Tier

High school seniors around the country are in the process of submitting college applications, leading to important decisions about which colleges should they apply to for admission. One of the deciding factors can be whether the school is rated in the "top tier". Does attending a top-rated school lead to happiness for every student?

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