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Grauer Music Classes Sharing Their Music On Campus

Students in Isaac Langen's and Tom Hopper's Music classes have been sharing their creative music with everyone else on campus this week. We are all so appreciative that we're able to hear live music on campus this year! 

  • The students in Period 7: Advanced Music class used handbells to work out the notes and play the "Harry Potter" movie theme as a group during class in the Gazebo on Monday, September 13. They also performed the handbell song at the schoolwide assembly on Tuesday, September 14.
  • In honor of next week's Expeditions, students in Period 6: Advanced Music performed "I Want To Get Away" and students in Period 5: Music 2 class performed "Party in the USA" at the assembly. 
  • The students in the 7th Grade Music Rotation class played a wide variety of different types of drums together in class while learning how to keep a regular beat with Isaac on Tuesday, September 14.

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