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Grauer Middle School Students Compete at Math Olympiad

From Morgan Brown, Middle School Math Team Advisor:

On Friday, April 12, The Grauer School's Middle School Math Team, consisting of 8th graders Max B., Kellen C., Adrien C., Ethan D., and Michael L. and 7th graders Kendall B., Talia F., Nicholas H., Gavin M., Mac R., Zach R., Sarai S., and Ryan S., participated in the MOEMS (Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School) Tournament, hosted by the San Diego French American School. The goal was to collaborate with students from other schools, meet students with similar interests, and have fun thinking about numerous challenging problems that required the students to not only remember their math knowledge, but also to apply it in new ways.

The students worked through three rounds of math problems. First, the students did an individual test of 10 challenge problems. Next, the students broke into mixed groups and worked together with peers from the other schools on another set of 10 challenge problems. Then, for the final round, it was tiebreaker questions. The students worked in groups on one question at a time, earning points for their team for being correct, and bonus points for finishing quickly.  At the end, students celebrated together with a pizza lunch and shared the strategies and tricks they used on the problems with one another.  Our students had a great time and although "winning" wasn't the point, our individual results were right on par with the other students in the event, with 8th grader Michael L. taking the 3rd place individual award and 7th graders Mac R. and Gavin M. on the winning team for the group challenge. We look forward to encouraging and supporting our middle school mathematicians now and into the future! 

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