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Grauer High School Theatre & Visual Arts Café Night

The Visual & Performing Arts Department presented their High School Theatre & Visual Arts Café Night on November 18. The Theatre performances directed by Erin Langen featured dramatic scenes and monologues from plays, films, and television shows. Visual Arts projects were displayed by Johnny King in the Art Room during the event.

Erin Langen said, "Theatrical & Visual Art Café Night was a huge success and a blast to share with our Grauer community and friends. Actors performed a group of scenes, monologues, one acts, and even a film. Thank you to all who performed and created art, and a special thank you to all who helped make this a successful event, and to everyone who attended. Go, Performing and Visual Arts!!!

Isaac Langen, Visual & Performing Arts Department Director, said, "The Café Night was amazing! Seeing our students in a whole different light is always such a treat. Watching the growth of our longtime actors, seeing newcomers shine, and watching kids you would never expect to see up on stage perform so well is inspiring. Bravo to Erin and her theatre troupe for a magical night under the stars, and to all who helped support the event. I love the outdoor format of these Café Nights. Reinventing these performances has definitely been one of the positives of the pandemic. Johnny, the diversity of the artwork on display was incredible! You definitely have some talented artists in your program this year."

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