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Grauer High School Health Nutrition Final: Grauer School Cook-Off!

From Trevor Olson, Grauer Athletics Director and Health Class Teacher:
The 9th grade students in Grauer's Health Class went head-to-head with one another as they competed in the 7th Annual Grauer School Cook-Off! Preparing three different dishes and applying a unit's worth of knowledge to their food selection and preparation, the class served up a amazing show as they presented their dishes to a panel of Grauer judges.
Judge Dr. Stuart Grauer said, "It was a great blend of art and science, of technical virtuosity and the process of discovery: Pure Grauer School. These kids know their stuff and are in for healthy lives and sustainable habits. Commendations to every single member of Trevor’s health class.”
Judge Tracy Ahrens said, "The students in the cook-off this quarter were beyond impressive. Not only was their food nutritious and delicious, but they dialed in the portions perfectly. I love the fact that in shopping and cooking with their ingredients, they actually learn valuable information that they take away from the experience."
Judge Clayton Payne said, "I really appreciated the way the vegetarian group was able to make such a delicious, simple meal with common items. It went a long way to demystifying vegetarian cooking which can be surprisingly intimidating."

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