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Grauer Girl Rising Club Hosts Daraja Academy Visitor

From Shelley Joslin, Alicia Tembi, and Lindsay Zickler, Girl Rising Club Mentors: The Grauer Girl Rising club has had the privilege of developing a lasting relationship with the incredible Daraja Academy in Nanyuki, Kenya. Daraja, which means bridge in Swahili, is an all girls boarding school that provides a holistic education for young women that would otherwise not be able to continue their schooling due to poverty, arranged marriage and cultural norms that prioritize the education of males. On September 12 and September 13, the Girl Rising club welcomed Evelyne, an 11th grade student from Daraja, to the Grauer campus. Evelyne shadowed Sarai S. '24 and Aviya A. '24 to their classes for the two days that she was here. Evelyne also helped create the new Girl Rising logo, which will be launching soon! 

The students at Daraja have taught us about the resiliency of the human spirit and the power of the "girl effect." The education of a single girl not only saves her life but also gives her entire community a boost. She will go back to educate her tribal community and keep the cycle of educating girls going. Girl Rising looks forward to the next opportunity to connect with Daraja. 

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