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Grauer Founder's Day & Grandfriends Luncheon

We would like to extend our gratitude to all who attended our Founder's Day & Grandfriends Luncheon Program on November 22. We enjoyed meeting so many wonderful grandparents, relatives, and family friends - our students are incredibly lucky to have so many loving, supportive adults in their lives! We would also like to extend a special thank you to parent co-chairs Akemi Dyer and Kristen Barsness for their leadership with this event along with Lindsay Zickler, Development & Events Manager; Erin Langen, Master of Ceremonies; Isaac Langen, Tom Hopper and Courtney Conway from the Music Department; all of our student performers; the Grauer Garden Club for their delicious pesto from our garden; and the many others behind the scenes.
A message from Dr. Grauer: 
“This Thanksgiving, my heart goes out to all our families, some in joy, some in pain, others in transition: let this be a time of healing and connection for us all. Our Founder's Day and Grandfriends Luncheon annually embodies our core values as a community trying to be healthy and to persevere with one another. The astonishing diversity of groups and individuals who produced this event and attended this event give heart to our school. The Grandfriends event was a gorgeous and affirming one. Every day we get more reminders that we live in a conflicted world, but every single person I know at Grauer is devoted to peace and empowerment, on display at this event. This season, let us do all we can in ceremony and the belief in our essential goodness."

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