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Grauer Film Studies Class Field Trip to Carlsbad High

Grauer Film Studies teacher Dina Treibel took students Sara M. 21, John Joseph H. '23, and Arthur P. '23 on a field trip to Carlsbad High School on January 14. The Film Studies students toured the student-run CHSTV television studio with Carlsbad High teacher Doug Green, where they were able to view cutting-edge LightCaster equipment to film 360-degree green screen action live and see how Tricaster broadcast equipment is used for their live broadcast show. The Grauer students were also interviewed live for the broadcast. The CHSTV organization is self-funded through documentaries created by the students, and they stream their broadcasts through their website at www.chstv.com.

Dina asked her students to reflect on what they learned during the field trip, and what might be applied to the film studies program at Grauer. John Joseph said, "The most exciting thing I learned about at the CHSTV live broadcast studio was about the new LightCaster tech, which is a program and piece of tech that keys out and relights green screen footage live, and without any help from people. Usually, this would be a process that would take people days, and now this program can do it instantly. They are installing a beta model of this tech at CHSTV in a few weeks, which is very cool because it isn't even being used in Hollywood yet." Arthur said, "We learned how dynamic and fast a live broadcast show is and how to adapt when there is a problem. We also learned about the crazy equipment they have, such as a gimbal which gives a camera really good stabilization. They also have LightCaster equipment which allows 360-degree live-action filming with a green screen. I think it would be really cool to have a broadcast show for Grauer every other week to tell people what's going on and tell stories that we never hear." 

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