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Grauer Alumni Panel Shares Advice About College Life

Grauer Alumni Panel Shares Advice About College Life

On January 10, the Grauer Alumni Office hosted a panel of Grauer alumni students, including Jenna Cardno ‘22 (Laguna College of Art & Design), Lourdes Figueroa ‘22 (Johns Hopkins University), Mo Hetzer ‘22 (California Lutheran University), Dominic Smith ‘22 (California Lutheran University), Lucy Stockton ‘22 (University of San Francisco), Mia Bachrack ‘21 (Cornell University), Citrine Weir ‘21 (Sarah Lawrence College), Jason Wexler ‘21 (Boston University), and Nick Gardner ‘18 (Rochester Institute of Technology).

The alumni students were a very impressive, confident, and well-spoken group. They talked with Grauer Juniors and Seniors about their college experiences on topics including how Grauer prepared them for college, which of Grauer's Core Values they have used most in college, advocating for themselves, roommate and campus dining experiences, and much more. Some of their advice about college life included: be open to new experiences; you will make mistakes but you will learn from them; it's important to be organized to get everything done; take care of yourself with eating right and getting enough sleep; find your friend group in clubs or in other groups with students that share your passions; and have fun!"

Special thanks to Sheila Wirick, Grauer’s Alumni Relations Officer, for organizing this event for our Grauer community, and to Shelley Joslin and Alicia Tembi for being the moderators of the event! 

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