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Grauer 11th Grade US History Class: "Voices of Social Justice" Presentations

Grauer 11th Grade US History Class: "Voices of Social Justice" Presentations

From Alicia Tembi, History Teacher: As a culminating project for their Civil Rights Movement unit, 11th graders completed "Voices of Social Justice" presentations on May 15 and May 16. Each student investigated a "voice" from the Civil Rights era that was forgotten, misunderstood or suppressed, and then crafted a piece of art that embodied that individual's story. The presentations covered a wide variety of activists, including Dorothy Count-Scoggins, Angela Davis, Jimmie Lee Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Fred Hampton, Audre Lord, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali and many more.

Students created paintings, collages, a newspaper, digital art pieces, songs, poetry and documentaries. To highlight a few examples, Ennis R. '25. created a one-of-a-kind screen printed t-shirt honoring Black Panther Fred Hampton, Clay B.. '25 created a beautiful watercolor painting inspired by a photo of Dorothy Count-Scoggins, Milan B. '25 created a multimedia stencil art piece dedicated to Ella Fitzgerald, Anthony B. '25 composed and sang in an original song dedicated to Jimmie Lee Jackson, Erin W. '25 created an impressive desmos art piece in honor of Mathematician Katherine Johnson, Noe P. '25 created a stunning painting of Jackie Robinson in action, Samara D. '25 shared delicious food with the class in honor of Georgia Gilmore, and Ezri R. '25 created a remarkable portrait of Audre Lorde, which integrated quotes from the poet. Each of the presentations was extremely moving, and demonstrated expertise, passion, and a deep sense of humanity.

This project was a collaboration between the 11th grade History class and Louise Hyland's 12th grade English class, with the seniors as the audience asking thought-provoking questions and offering comments on each of the presentations. This collaborative activity is a great example of the mentoring process and age-mixing between different grades that takes place every day at The Grauer School.

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