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Founder's Day & Grandfriends Lunch Concert

Founder's Day & Grandfriends Lunch Concert
Founder's Day & Grandfriends Lunch Concert

The Grauer School would like to extend our gratitude to all who attended our annual Founder's Day & Grandfriends Lunch on November 18. We enjoyed meeting so many wonderful grandparents, relatives, and family friends. Our students are lucky to have such loving, supportive adults in their lives. 

Guests were first greeted outdoors and had the opportunity to take a family photo together. Students then showed their Grandparents and Grandfriends around our beautiful campus, with pre-planned tour stops and questions along the way. The tour concluded with a beautiful charcuterie lunch and a fun, outdoor lunchtime program and concert.

Dr. Stuart Grauer, Founder and Head of School, said: “Our Founder's Day and Grandfriends Luncheon annually embodies our core values as a community. The astonishing diversity of groups and individuals who produced this event and participated in this event give heart and depth to our school. This gathering with our elders was both gorgeous and affirming. Those of you who attended not only know this, but you are the reason."

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