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Film Studies Class: Guest Speaker from Survivor TV Show

From Dina Treibel, Film Studies Teacher:

The Film Studies class hosted the Survivor TV show’s Co-Executive Producer, John Kirhoffer, on May 12, in Zoom for a collaborative event. Advanced Film students, Grauer teachers, and broadcast students from Paul Treibel’s KRSM Morning Show from RSM Intermediate School in Rancho Santa Margarita were invited to hear Mr. Kirhoffer speak about his life and experiences. Trevor Olson, Grauer Athletics Director, and relative of Mr. Kirhoffer, gave the introduction for the esteemed guest speaker. Students learned how Mr. Kirhoffer started in the television industry and through his hard work and perseverance, eventually ended up as a co-executive producer of Survivor where he works to create the puzzles and challenges that Survivor contestants have to master and win for immunity. 

During the presentation, students had the opportunity to ask questions in a Q&A session. John Joseph H. '23 asked, “Are there any things that you have learned firsthand about filming and making a TV show while working on Survivor?” Mr. Kirhoffer advised, “Always have a back-up plan.” Sara M. '21 asked, “Do you have any advice for the next generation of filmmakers going into the industry?” Mr. Kirhoffer said, “The one thing that I would suggest to anybody that’s passionate is to work on everybody’s projects.”  

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