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Film Class Field Trip to CHSTV

Grauer Film teacher Dina Treibel took her Film Studies students Josie B. '21, Cody D. '20, Will F. '20, Jake P. '21, and Jason W. '21 on a field trip to Carlsbad High School on Friday, March 8. The Grauer students went on a tour of the student-run CHSTV television studio with Carlsbad High teacher Doug Green, where they were able to view Tricaster broadcast equipment in action during a live broadcast. The CHSTV organization is self-funded through documentaries created by the students, and they stream their broadcasts through their website at www.chstv.com.

Dina asked her students to reflect on what they learned during the field trip, and what might be applied to the film studies program at Grauer. Josie said, "I learned that live broadcasting needs a lot of jobs and it requires a lot of attention to detail while editing." Cody said, "I learned that while interviewing a person, rewording your questions can create a more interesting story that is easier to follow." Will said, "I think it was super inspiring to see so many students care about the same thing and put so much effort into it." Jason said, "My favorite part was seeing the rehearsal for the broadcast, including how many people and how much effort goes into a 2-minute segment." Jake said, "I learned that we could pre-tape interviews if we do a broadcast show at Grauer."

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