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Cell Experiments Grauer in 7th Grade Life Science Class

From Nick Scacco, Science Teacher: 7th Grade Life Science students have started to explore the world of cells in class. For our first activity, we made connections to one of the fundamental concepts of life science (the characteristics of living things) and to cell theory. The class watched Simon Checa dissect a fish from a local fish market in the kitchen. They took notes on the different systems and organs they were able to see as he worked. Next, they used microscopes to view organs and tissues up close. As they viewed the connections between cells, tissues, organs and systems, a small group worked to bread and fry the fish for fish tacos. We ended the day sharing chips and fish tacos as a group, and the class worked on an essay to share what they learned about cells, organ systems, and the characteristics of living things. Special thanks to Simon for helping the students learn about fish and helping us make our delicious fish tacos!

We continued the unit by learning how to use the microscopes in the room. Our next lab for this unit will involve viewing and sketching frog blood, cork and lettuce. Students will connect back to their notes on Robert Hooke and the discovery of cells in 1665, and walk in his footsteps by viewing cork cells at the exact same magnification that he used in his discovery. 

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