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Basketball Court Upgrade & New Pickleball Courts

Basketball Court Upgrade & New Pickleball Courts

From Dr. Stuart Grauer, Head of School: In 2019, generous parents at our gala created an amazing fund called “Get Outdoors.” I don’t think I have ever had so much fun with a fund! It has created our outdoor classrooms, our orchards and habitat area upgrades, and everyone is aware of our amazing gardening program not just for our students but for our parents, too. The final amortization of this fund went into an upgrade that will add a whole new unit of sports in our PE program in the nation’s fastest growing (and one of the most fun) sports: Pickleball. We hired a top notch tennis court builder to lay out new courts out and now state-of-the-art nets with rollers for portability. Our new courts will host whole classes of PE students plus allow for some great clubs and recreational opportunities. The highly anticipated Pickleball match between Trevor Olson and Dr. Stuart Grauer is expected to draw the crowds, and the oddsmakers have never been busier. On Wednesday, January 4, the basketball court got a workout at break time from the Seniors, and the 8th Grade PE class had a great time learning Pickleball with lessons from PE Coaches Trevor Olson and Clayton Payne.
Thank you to our school parents and patrons for making these incredible opportunities possible for outdoor teaching and learning! The "Get Outdoors" campaign was absolutely one of the most dynamic and educationally successful compaigns in our school history, and the Parent Association is ecstatic to announce we plan to refill it’s coffers at this year's Grauer Gala on May 6. We hope to see you all there!

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