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7th Grade Skits On Roman History

From Paul-Michael Ogburn, History Teacher:

The 7th graders in Global Insights class just started a new unit that will cover the Fall of Rome, the Legacy Rome left behind, and Medieval Europe. In order to get a perspective into the history of Rome, the 7th graders created Roman skits and spent the class as Romans! The skits covered four different areas of History: Roman Government and Senate, the transition from Republic to Empire, the Life of a Roman, and the Fall of Rome. The kids impressed with their enthusiasm, creativity, and acting chops! We all had fun getting an insight into Rome and it has created a fantastic jumping off point for our unit.

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Dr. Grauer's Column - Top Tier

High school seniors around the country are in the process of submitting college applications, leading to important decisions about which colleges should they apply to for admission. One of the deciding factors can be whether the school is rated in the "top tier". Does attending a top-rated school lead to happiness for every student?

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