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15th Annual Grauerpalooza: A Celebration of the Arts

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for everyone who came to The Grauer School's campus on Saturday, May 18 and supported our talented musicians and artists at this year’s annual Grauerpalooza Arts Festival.  This is our 15th year of the festival and it is one of our favorite events of the year.  Huge thanks go out to Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair Isaac Langen, Music teachers and AV specialists Tom Hopper and Jake Kelsoe, Visual Arts teacher Johnny King, and Theatre Arts teacher Erin Langen for all of their leadership with this incredible event. Special thanks to Paige Prindle and the Middle School ASB for organizing the dunk tank, to all of the brave teachers and students who volunteered to be dunked, to Economics teachers Jessi Brown and Frida LeBreton for their leadership with coordinating the Senior Businesses, to all of the Senior Businesses and the Girl Rising Club for running booths at the event, to Film Studies teacher Dina Treibel and her students Jake P. '21, Jason W. '21, and Will F. '20 for filming the event, to Kendal H. ’20 and Reya L. ‘21 for creating the Grauer Arts t-shirt design, and to Francesca M. '20 for creating the Grauerpalooza graphics used to advertise the event.

Isaac Langen says, "The Music Department would like to thank everyone who came out on Saturday to our 15th Grauerpalooza! We appreciate your support. It was a beautiful day of music, laughter and community. Go, Grauer Arts!"

The Film Studies department would like to share two videos of Grauerpalooza performances that they've uploaded to Grauer's Youtube Channel. Click on the links below to enjoy these videos of our talented student performers at Grauerpalooza! 
•    Middle School Performances: https://youtu.be/pOpN3gPRefs
•    5th Period Music Class Performances: https://youtu.be/IYC85G7pzNQ

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