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11th Grade "Voices of Social Justice" Presentations

From Alicia Tembi, US History Teacher:

As a culminating project for their Civil Rights Movement unit, 11th graders completed "Voices of Social Justice" presentations on May 18 and May 19. Each student investigated a "voice" from the Civil Rights era that was forgotten or misunderstood, and then crafted a piece of art that embodied that individual's story.

Some students created artwork pieces, while others performed monologues and read original speeches about the person they researched. As a few examples, Reya L. '21 studied Joan Tarika Lewis, the first African American woman to join the Black Panther Party, and she chose to create a powerful painting that paid homage to Lewis's original artwork as well as her story. Nicole E. '21 explored Georgia Gilmore, "food activist" and Montgomery bus boycott participant, and created a stunning piece called "Cooking for Love". You can also click on the links below to view these creative multimedia projects: 

Each of the presentations was moving, and demonstrated expertise, passion and a deep sense of humanity.

This project was a collaboration between the 11th grade History class and Christina Burress' 12th grade English class, with the seniors as the audience asking thought-provoking questions and offering comments on each of the presentations. This collaborative activity is a great example of the mentoring process and age-mixing between different grades that takes place every day at The Grauer School. 

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