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Dr. Grauer's Column - Little-Known Grauer School Facts

Infrequently Asked Questions
…about Little-Known Grauer School Facts

Grauer senior Alexa E. demonstrating her art project during her Senior Graduation Defense presentation - May 7, 2019

A Matching Exercise: Match a question in the first column with the answer in the second column. You're guaranteed to learn a few things about The Grauer School while you're figuring out these little-known Grauer School facts!

1) What’s the Grauer’s Gorilla?

a) Two of its Grauer’s six acres are in a permanent federal and state easement to permanently protect its land in a natural state, integrating interpretive trail markers. Wildlife observed in our nature corridor includes lizards, hummingbirds, owls, wrens and endangered gnatcatchers; squirrels, woodrats and snakes, and 24 kinds of butterflies.

2) What school was named one of the top 10 “Outside Magazine” places to work in the United States?

b) There is nothing like The Grauer School, however, several schools are designed around our principles.

3) In what sports and activities have Grauer students reached national championships recently?

c) Lance Alworth, San Diego Charger Football Hall of Fame legend, enrolled his daughter Rian in 1991.

4) What is a UNESCO school?


d) The school has created a nearly 1000-square-foot, dance, performance, and exercise space with a hardwood floor.

5) Who gets elected to the Grauer School Board of Trustees?

e) Joe Walsh of The Eagles, a band selling 101 million albums.

6) What is our school's Wildlife Corridor?

f) At The Grauer School, in Meyer Hall!

7) What is The Justice Center?

g) The Grauer School is!

8) Who was our school’s first family?

h) Archery and Robotics

9) How many Grauer Schools are there?

i) 7 students in a borrowed storefront.

10) What rock icon staged a Grauer fundraiser at Belly-Up Tavern?

j) The Grauer School mascot, and a highly endangered eastern African lowland gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri), a subspecies of eastern gorilla from the mountainous forests of eastern Dem. Republic of the Congo.

11) What is Grauerpalooza?

k) Grauer has its own “Woodstock” staged annually on our green, with a full day of student musical acts. Our 15th Annual Grauerpalooza takes place on May 18.

12) What is the oldest independent school in San Diego North County?

l) Yosemite’s Awahnee Lodge

13) What was the inspiration for Grauer’s Great Hall, now named Meyer Hall?

m) The Associated Schools Project Network, established in 1953 to encourage schools worldwide to educate students on issues related to "promoting peace and international understanding".

14) What is the Grauer School's “founding story"?

n) School parents, regional leaders and talented community members can be nominated and elected for a 3-year term.

15) Where is the largest fireplace in San Diego?

o) The Grauer School, of course!


Answer Key:
1 - j; 2 - o; 3 - h; 4 - m; 5 - n; 6 - a; 7 - d; 8 - c; 9 - b; 10 - e; 11 - k; 12 - g; 13 - l; 14 - i; 15 - f

Grauer senior Keegan H. singing a song with a group of friends for his Senior Graduation Defense presentation - May 7, 2019

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Grauer junior Eva F. with her portrait of Claudette Colvin for her "Voices of Social Justice" project - May 13, 2019

Grauer senior Alexa E. giving her Senior Graduation Defense presentation - May 7, 2019

Grauer senior Keegan H. singing a song with a group of friends for his Senior Graduation Defense presentation - May 7, 2019

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