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Dr. Grauer's Column - Gratitude


The Grauer School's weekly assemblies on Tuesdays are a special part of the school's community, and we don't want to miss that feeling of togetherness that we all get as we gather all the students and staff together each week. Since we can't gather in large groups due to the pandemic, the school holds virtual assemblies in smaller groups every Tuesday after lunch. 

Assemblies always begin with a message from Dr. Stuart Grauer. In this week's message, he expressed gratitude to many of the professionals who work behind-the-scenes at The Grauer School, and he asked Grauer students to thank those people as well as other people who make their lives better.

You can watch Dr. Grauer's video message by clicking on the image below. 

Dr. Grauer wants to hear from his readers. Please click on the "Comments" drop-down box below to leave a comment about this column!

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