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The Grauer School, like any great school, is a community and cultural center. We are welcoming and grateful to any parent, grandparent, alumnus, and/or qualified community member who volunteers their valuable time to help educate and enrich the lives of our students and families. We have benefitted enormously for many years from the volunteer effort of countless individuals and groups. If you have the time and willingness, we need you.

Volunteerism is offered through several different channels:

  • Parent Association: Our parent group has a year-round slate of opportunities, from coffees, events, teacher appreciation, Green Grauer Parents, student transportation, and hosting. The Parent Association has various committees that meet regularly.
  • Classroom Assistants and Room Parents: Parents help our teachers in countless ways, including: clerical assistance and materials preparation, Room Parenting, communications networks, field trip driving, and more.
  • Board of Trustees: Board governance is the heart of a sustainable, prosperous, and ethical school operation. Learn more about our Board of Trustees by clicking here.

Volunteer Here