Thank you for your interest in The Grauer School's summer program!

To enroll a student in one of our Summer Enrichment Camps, please fill out the enrollment form below and submit your credit card payment. If you are enrolling more than one student, fill out a separate enrollment form and submit a payment for each student you are enrolling. You must also submit a medical form for each student. You can find more information about Enrollment on our Summer Enrichment Camps webpage.

Our Summer School staff will respond to your enrollment application as soon as possible during regular business hours. If you have any questions about your student's enrollment, you are welcome to contact our Summer School Director, Tricia Valeski, at or 760-274-2116.

We are excited to have your student join us this summer at The Grauer School!

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* If you choose our on-campus camps (versus distance learning/online) and send your child to our campus, know the risks—Grauer officials are not health experts or professional screeners. We will attempt to take the temperature of all students entering campus if recommended by county health officials, and we will try to enforce distancing, campus cleaning/disinfecting and hand sanitizing in an effort to maintain health according to county health recommendations. All families/students must hand sanitize carefully before entering campus; we reserve the right to decline entry of any student showing known signs of COVID-19. Your signature gives us permission to treat your child medically if we deem it appropriate.

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