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School Clubs

Grauer School Club Activities—Student Enriched Learning

The Grauer School is proud to offer school enrichment and club activities decided by student interest and led by our student body with the assistance of faculty mentors. We understand school club activities are essential for building a well-balanced middle and high school experience. After all, true education must be about more than academics. It should also be socially inclusive and personally empowering. Our school club activities combine all of this in a nurturing, supportive community environment. These are our club offerings for the 2019-2020 school year:

  • Chicken Club
  • Community Service Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Club
  • Girl Rising Club
  • Grauer Record Label
  • High School Drama Club
  • High School Music Club
  • High School Robotics
  • Hockey Club
  • Mathematical Modeling Club
  • Middle School Associated Student Body (ASB)
  • Middle School Music Club
  • Middle School Robotics
  • Quiz Bowl Club
  • Rubik's Cube Club
  • Science Olympiad Club
  • Skate Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Surf Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Youth and Government

Podcast Club: Student Life at The Grauer School

The Grauer Podcast club meets every week to create "Gorilla Talk, Gorilla Matters" podcasts on topics pertaining to student life at Grauer. The club's goal is to publish podcasts regularly throughout the school year.

Podcast #1: GSA Club

The Podcast Club's first podcast was on the topic of the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Club. Carson B. '24 and Lily T. '24 interviewed GSA members Hannah W. '20 and Lourdes F. '22 about the GSA Club. Listen to the podcast to learn more!

Benefits of School Clubs and Student Enriched Learning

Engaged students do better in all respects, and Grauer students top all charts in engagement levels. All Grauer School club activities focus on inclusivity and acceptance among our very diverse student body. There are many benefits of school clubs for student achievement and, just as importantly, overall efficacy. Some of the most popular benefits of school clubs include:

  • Making new friends with similar interests
  • Cultivating self-confidence and respect
  • Learning to empathize through teamwork
  • Relieving stress by having fun with peers
  • Working on social/communication skills 

Other important benefits of schools clubs include learning real world skills, developing responsible time management strategies, and even helping with feelings like loneliness and isolation that can lead to psychological or behavioral issues so common in larger schools. Of course, benefits of school clubs can also translate to college acceptance, as students turn their enrichment activities into lifelong passions. 

“Jake is connected, feels loved and appreciated. Isn't that what our kids really need?  Your school is amazing and I am deeply grateful to you and your staff.”  
- Kelly K., Class of 2012 Parent

Private Schools in Southern California

One of the benefits of private schools is the ability to advance inclusivity, belongingness, and social curricula. Whereas some independent and private schools in Southern California use authority to exclude or stigmatize those who are different from the “status quo,” The Grauer School is proud to be among those that celebrate individuality, diversity, and personal expression instead. At Grauer, you belong.

Our school club activities are modeled in this spirit. Students cultivate their powerful inner passions driving them to achieve academic excellence and compassionate social leadership.