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Our Campus

Take A Virtual Tour of The Grauer School's Campus

“The Grauer School is an Oasis of Heartfelt Education.”
-Grauer Parent

Nestled in six pristine coastal acres in San Diego’s North County, The Grauer School's campus in Encinitas is inspired in equal parts by the classical university campus and the natural, Southern California surroundings and ecosystems. Our great hall, Meyer Hall, is home to San Diego’s largest fireplace and hosts events of all kinds. Right outside is our natural water feature leading to a park-like, grassy quad. 

Like the great parks of the world, The Grauer School in Encinitas has an outdoor campus and quad that is half developed and half natural. Quad, sports areas, gardens and orchard make up one half. The other half consists of a native wildlife corridor of coastal sage and maritime chaparral, with marked trails running throughout. But this is just the starting place. One minute away lies our partner, the San Elijo Lagoon, and 5 minutes away, our surfers can be paddling out into some of the best waves in California and the United States. Our campus is truly the world.

LEED Campus

In 2016, Grauer became an official LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) campus by receiving LEED Gold certification. We are proud to incorporate sustainability and environmental preservation into everything we do inside and outside of the classroom. Our dedicated approach helps our students learn to take personal responsibility as stewards of our local ecosystems, while raising awareness of the challenges humankind currently faces in protecting our planet from further damage for many generations to come.

Best School in San Diego

Since 1991, The Grauer School in Encinitas has strived to be the best school in San Diego, public or private, with levels of student engagement other schools dream of. We have laid a foundation of active environmental consciousness, outstanding academic achievement, and celebratory social inclusiveness throughout our campus and among our incredibly diverse student body. 

Our overall curriculum includes the global community outside of our six-acre green campus. Our students “study” via expeditionary learning trips for two weeks each year, as well as on routine day trips focusing on exploration mixed with community service to our neighbors near and far. 

“Dr Grauer …Thank you again for all of the good work you do on behalf of California’s students and parents.”
- Robert Berndahl, Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley

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