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We strongly believe that The Grauer School is among the best in the world at balancing college preparation with Expeditionary Learning. The school was founded on the idea of "learning by discovery" and provides students with the worldwide experience to become compassionate, service-minded citizens. As a UNESCO Affiliate School, we are widely lauded for our humanitarian and ecological service in places of greatest need—we build schools, construct homes and gardens, and serve the less fortunate. Expeditionary learning is not just one of our six Core Features—it's something we believe in so strongly that we cancel classes two full weeks each year in order to engage our students in humanitarian and ecological service.

This week, our students are engaged in intensive domestic and intercultural experiences.

  • We have a group of students in London, studying the arts and culture of this fantastic city. They have already toured Covent Gardens, taken a river cruise on the Thames River, enjoyed Big Ben, the London Eye, and Hyde Parke, enjoyed the play, "The Play That Goes Wrong", and visited the City University of London—and it is only Monday!
  • Our Lake Powell Expedition departed on Saturday for a week focusing on connections, optimism, and friendship. They boarded thee houseboats yesterday and will be spending five days out on the water, cruising through some of the most amazing scenery and geological formations on the Colorado Plateau.
  • Our Phoenix Expedition travelers departed on Monday, ready to spend a week in Phoenix, a melting pot of Native American, Mexican, cowboy, off-the-grid, agricultural, artistic and industrial culture. They will be exploring the question, "How do each of these overlap and enhance each other in this stunning southwestern setting?"
  • Our Joshua reTree(t) expedition travelers will be spending the week hiking, bouldering, and rock climbing as well as visiting the Integratron for a sound bath, taking a desert art class, and enjoying a journey of self-inquiry and transformation.
  • Our Idyllwild: The Trail Awaits travelers are engaging in a week-long opportunity of mindfulness training in the tranquility of this natural setting.
  • Many of our middle school students will be embarking on their very first Grauer School expedition this week, traveling to the Pali Institute, an acclaimed organization for outdoor adventure, science, and leadership discovery. This WASC-accredited program focuses on an increased understanding of the ecosystem, personal growth, and awareness of group dynamics.
  • Finally, our local Expedition will be engaging in fitness and sport here in San Diego, trying a new sport each day (mini-golf, go-kart racing, baseball, and basketball).

Our Expeditions program is not only a great way for our students to "learn by discovery," but to foster new relationships, practice resourcefulness, and to challenge themselves beyond their comfort levels. It is really quite miraculous that we are able to organize and plan seven such incredibly diverse trips that can accommodate over 150 students. We are grateful to Patricia Young, our Expeditions Program Director, and to all of our Expedition Trip Leads and chaperones for all of the time, energy, and love they have put into these incredible trips. We hope that your children bring home beautiful memories that they'll still think of fondly when they are thirty.