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Dr. Grauer's Column - The Grauer School Campus Completion Ribbon Cutting

The Grauer School recently celebrated the opening of its new Justice Center for The Performing Arts building with a ribbon cutting ceremony. In his commemorative speech, Dr. Grauer said, "We built all this as open space for teens, listening space, not for us—and that’s the rarest thing of all."

Dr. Grauer's Column - What’s the Optimal Class Size? April Fools!

The U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, in attempting to justify a budget that would cut federal education spending by more than 10 percent, recently claimed that students may be better served by being in larger classes. Dr. Grauer takes issue with this claim in this week's column.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Tikkun Olam

Grauer Schools students are spread all over the world this week on expedition and Dr. Grauer, staying home this round to mind the shop, revisits this phenomenal student journey to Israel, exactly 11 years ago, more relevant today than ever.

Dr. Grauer's Column - How To Find A Zebra

Dr. Grauer reflects on this week's college-admissions scandal and the controls we place on their children’s education. Read about how zebras, brain injury rehab, anxiety, Trevor Olson, and Greta Sundberg (a 15-year-old from Stockholm) all play into a jarring wake-up call.

Dr. Grauer's Column - HappySadMadGlad

Students can be "happysadmadglad" as they experience a swirl of ideas, conflicts, and self-doubts in their daily lives. In this week's column, Dr. Grauer discusses an important topic that all parents should be aware of—how to tell if your teen is suffering from depression.

Dr. Grauer's Column - My Heroes

In this week's column, Dr. Grauer reflects on his heroes in the field of education, and laments that the real heroes often go unrecognized. Who will be your child's heroes, as they reflect back on their school years?

Dr. Grauer's Column - Loafing Aimlessly

Great realizations occur when we’re chilling — staring up at the sky, out to sea, or wandering among trees, fully “there.” This week, Dr. Grauer asks the question: is “doing your own thing” wise or is it is a waste of time?

Dr. Grauer's Column - Applying To Private School: Is It Stressful?

In this week's column, Dr. Grauer offers an enlightened view into the private school admissions process. What if your best-fit, life-changing school or even a whole other way to see “school” was right in your community and you never even explored it?

Dr. Grauer's Column - Danny Pliskin

Growing up, our children all have influences in school and friendships that shape them. But who do they know that might be teaching them even more? Who is across the hedgerow? Who is their Danny Pliskin?

Dr. Grauer's Column - Do You Have a Self-Driven Child?

Is your child self-driven and in charge of their own lives? This week's column gives some important advice for parents who want to set their children on a path towards being responsible for getting their work done, without nagging, arguing, and constant reminders.