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Why You Came Home Late For Dinner

Dr. Grauer says, "I look pretty beat up, but the photographer makes it look okay." From Wickininnis Beach, British Columbia

The old French word for heart is cor, upon which we derive the English language word courage.

Sometimes you are not getting the funding, or no one will listen, or you are not listening well enough yourself. Sometimes everything is taking too long, and you are going down this road, deeper, farther, and then you are not even sure where the end is or if you will come out of it at all. Those times might feel terribly fearful, or painful. They may feel lonely, and maybe solitude is even what you are looking for then. It could be you are not connecting to a person at those times, you are connecting with some force, consciousness, or value you know is universal, crossing some boundary you were unaware of.

You don't need to hope for better, hope is not a fix. You don't need to fear any negatives, fear will not help either except what it has to teach you. Stay in the work. You are not lost, you are finding your way.

"Do good work" is our mantra. We have learned a lot about leadership and developed many useful principles, but none more valuable than this, and none that have been more of a mantra to me through good times and hard. This has been a fine mission statement for me and many others close to me, all the mission I've ever needed.

Construction is underway on The Grauer School's final building, which required much perseverance by our Grauer community to accomplish

Doing good work means putting your heart into it, which is courage. We are learning by discovery, open, committed, persevering, self-motivated irrespective of reward. If the work is worth doing, if it is the right thing to do, it is worth doing no matter how it is turning out. You are "in it," and you know it, and there is not going to be an end—not really.

If it is the right thing to do, you might lose all sense of time while you are doing it. You may be home late for dinner.

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