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Dr. Grauer's Column - Summer Powwow

Inspired by a moving book he was reading, Dr. Grauer recently visited a Kumeyaay Indian "recovery powwow", and he shares his thoughts about the experience in this week's column.

Dr. Grauer's Column - A Look Under the Hood

This week's column features Dr. Grauer's Head of School report from May 2019, which reviews key findings about the 2018-19 academic year and suggests key directions going forward.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Courage

At the Grauer School's 8th grade graduation ceremony on June 7, Dr. Grauer presented a keynote address about the importance of courage as these students begin their high school adventures next year.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Optimism and the Natural World

The Grauer School's Class of 2019 will graduate on June 7. Dr. Grauer's column this week features the text of his powerful keynote address that he will deliver at the school's 28th annual graduation ceremony.

Dr. Grauer's Column - What We Are Reading

Every summer, our faculty reads a wide spectrum of books on educational and social topics that enhance our ability to provide the best relationship-driven school for our students. Dr. Grauer invites you to join us in reading and discussing these interesting books. 

Dr. Grauer's Column - A Day at the Office

Have you ever wondered what a Head of School does all day? In this week's column, Dr. Grauer takes us through one of his busy days, answering this important question: What if our smallest actions connected with the largest purposes in our lives?

Dr. Grauer's Column - Little-Known Grauer School Facts

This week's column is a fun matching exercise to see how much you know about The Grauer School. You're guaranteed to learn a few things about The Grauer School while you're figuring out these little-known Grauer School facts!

Dr. Grauer's Column - Tolerance in Six Seconds

The Grauer School recently held their 15th annual observation of the UNESCO International Day of Tolerance. Dr. Grauer kicked off the event with a thought-provoking talk on his reflections about tolerance, which he shares in this week's column.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Hug Research

What's in a hug? In this week's column, Dr. Grauer talks about the power of a hug, and how that small but important personal connection is needed now more than ever. 

Dr. Grauer's Column - Six Ways to Get Out of Mud

On Saturday, May 4, The Grauer School will host our biggest Gala ever, transforming our entire campus into a magical world of celebration, in honor of nature and the great outdoors. This celebration is just one of many the ways we are bringing “the outside in” at Grauer. And here’s why.

Dr. Grauer's Column - The Grauer School Campus Completion Ribbon Cutting

The Grauer School recently celebrated the opening of its new Justice Center for The Performing Arts building with a ribbon cutting ceremony. In his commemorative speech, Dr. Grauer said, "We built all this as open space for teens, listening space, not for us—and that’s the rarest thing of all."

Dr. Grauer's Column - What’s the Optimal Class Size? April Fools!

The U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, in attempting to justify a budget that would cut federal education spending by more than 10 percent, recently claimed that students may be better served by being in larger classes. Dr. Grauer takes issue with this claim in this week's column.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Tikkun Olam

Grauer Schools students are spread all over the world this week on expedition and Dr. Grauer, staying home this round to mind the shop, revisits this phenomenal student journey to Israel, exactly 11 years ago, more relevant today than ever.

Dr. Grauer's Column - How To Find A Zebra

Dr. Grauer reflects on this week's college-admissions scandal and the controls we place on their children’s education. Read about how zebras, brain injury rehab, anxiety, Trevor Olson, and Greta Sundberg (a 15-year-old from Stockholm) all play into a jarring wake-up call.