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Ninth grade students were matriculated and officially welcomed to high school at The Grauer School in a special ceremony at the weekly assembly on Tuesday, September 11. The ceremony began with a special original song performed by 9th graders Sophia H. '22, Abigail M. '22, Mo H. '22, Lucy D. '22 and Sophia C. '22.

The song was followed by an opening speech by Clayton Payne, Dean of Student Support, where he explained the history of the matriculation process and why it's so special at Grauer.

"This Matriculation Ceremony marks your official commencement to the Grauer High School community. Matriculation is an esteemed, traditional ceremony. In the formal English traditions at the universities in Oxford and Cambridge, the term is used for the ceremony at which new students are entered into the register (in Latin, matricula) of the university, at which point they become members of the university. Students wear academic dress and enter in a formal procession. The Grauer School matriculation is less formal, but meaningful to who we are as a community. You are embarking upon perhaps the most memorable, life-changing period of your life: the high school years. The sweatshirts you are about to receive do not just symbolize your enhanced connectivity to the school's community, but they are a mark of our confidence that you will learn this lesson and more as you journey to adulthood.

The Grauer School faculty and administration call upon you to maintain the highest standards for ethics and academic integrity, and we pledge in return to provide you with the full measure of our support. Welcome!"

The Matriculation ceremony continued with a speech by Dr. Stuart Grauer about rites of passage, including Grauer's rite of passage represented by matriculating into high school.

The Matriculation ceremony continued with the "Roster of Matriculates" where Principal Dana Abplanalp-Diggs called each student's name so they could shake hands with Clayton Payne and Dr. Grauer, and receive their gift bags. Each 9th grade student received a special "Grauer Class of 2022" sweatshirt as their matriculation gift. This part of the ceremony was accompanied by beautiful cello music by Zoe-Daphnee L. '20.

Congratulations to our 9th Grade students on their Matriculation into High School! Special thanks to all of the Class of 2022 parents who came to the ceremony to celebrate their student's matriculation.