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From Patricia Young, 8th Grade Physical Science teacher: This week, 8th grade physical science students had a firsthand look at the elastic force of compression while bursting watermelons and pumpkins with rubber bands. Some questions asked included:

  • How many size #32 rubber bands does it take to burst a watermelon or pumpkin?
  • Will it take more or less size #64 (thicker) rubber bands than size #32 rubberbands to burst similar sized watermelons or pumpkins?
  • Will a smaller watermelon or pumpkin burst with the same number of size #32 rubber bands as a larger one?

Students were developing their experimental design skills as they reinforced their understanding of the scientific method and the creation of "fair tests." In addition to identification of variables (independent, dependent, and controlled), students will be using our results to dig into concepts such as data analysis, the importance of sample size, error analysis and steps for writing a scientific conclusion.


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