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From Paige Prindle, English Teacher:

As a summer reading assignment, my seventh-grade English students read William Kamkwambe's memoir, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. In his memoir, Kamkwambe describes his struggle growing up in Malawi as a poor farmer during a period of catastrophic drought. Despite being unable to afford to attend his local school, Kamwambe tirelessly sought knowledge on his own in books and was able to teach himself to build an electric-producing windmill entirely of salvaged materials. The creation of this windmill ended up being incredibly life-changing for William and his community. When we all met together on campus at The Grauer School at the beginning of the school year, my students discussed Kamkwambe's spirit of creativity, invention, and altruism and thought of ways that they could put our inspiration to good use. To do this, my students were given the opportunity to collaborate with their classmates in small groups to identify a problem in their local or global community and brainstorm an invention or new way of doing things that could help to solve or alleviate that problem. Students Gavin M. '24, Cailin S. '24, and Kai A. '24 decided that they would create a boarding school in Malawi for children from around the world who lack access to stable social, emotional, and educational opportunities. Gavin, Cailin, and Kai describe their school as a place that will make kids feel happy and excited and that has enough space for kids to play, but that will also feel like a nice, safe home for them. As they completed presenting their idea to their classmates, these beaming seventh graders smiled and said, "It's a lot like The Grauer school!"