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Dr. Grauer's Column - Only Connect

Last week, Dr. Grauer traveled with a group of students on a Grauer expedition to Bahia de Los Angeles in Mexico. He reflects on introducing his students to new experiences in this remote area of the world, helping them to connect with nature and inspiring them to protect the earth.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Dharma Surfers

Dharma has many meanings in global religions and traditions. To Dr. Grauer, it means "pursuing a peaceful path". This concept of mindfulness influences the Grauer teaching philosophy quietly and pervasively, as we seek to engage students in a process rather than focus on an end product.

Dr. Grauer's Column - A Hold-Down

Dr. Grauer compares the uncertainty and risk of being tossed by ocean waves to dealing with relentless waves of Covid-related complications. We're all grasping for certainty in our own ways, and we need calm, perseverance, and joy to make our way through these times together as a united community.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Captains of Our Souls

How do we encourage our students to follow their callings? It takes a lot of courage to follow those callings in a world obsessed with straight and narrow pathways through high school, college, and job. Our faculty believes that encouraging and accommodating such callings is one of the highest purposes for school.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Night Heron

Join Dr. Grauer as he heads out in a gray mood on a rainy day to write a speech, when an unexpected wildlife encounter changes his mood to one of openness and pure anticipation for the new school year.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Autism and Me (as a Teacher)

Dr. Grauer reviews the book "Underestimated" in this week's column. What can we learn from people who are on the autism spectrum, and how can we use it to better understand our students and others in our community?

Dr. Grauer's Column - The Nature Of Intelligence

Dr. Grauer is proposing a forest expedition at The Grauer School, where students will spend the week immersed, planting trees, creating, and connecting to the forest ecosystem. We cannot imagine a more valuable experience. Read this column and see if you agree.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Words Of Wisdom

If you’ve ever looked around for the outcome of a great, secondary education, look no further. This address, drawing upon the collective wisdom of the Grauer Class of 2021, sets forth timeless graduation and achievement principles.

Dr. Grauer's Column - An Education Of The Heart

The Grauer Faculty will be reading "Permission To Feel" this summer, and Dr. Grauer encourages you to read it with us. The book helps us to identify our emotions, understand the impact of those emotions on all aspects of our lives, and develop skills for using our emotions in healthy and productive ways. 

Dr. Grauer's Column - The Cacao Ceremony

Dr. Grauer shares a final tribute to Jeff Salz, anthropologist, father, adventurer, orator, teacher, and  inspiration for many of The Grauer School's values and traditions. Whenever you were with him, it was just a given that this is a laughing universe we all live in.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Being on Native Kumeyaay Land

This week, Dr. Grauer pays homage to the native Kumeyaay who lived on the land in the area of The Grauer School, asking our students to observe nature  with intention, and to honor the cultural heritage around us.

Dr. Grauer's Column - How to Take A Walk Again

Dr. Grauer revisits a column written last year before knowing what the year 2020 had in store, nor how much this simple guidance of immersing yourself in nature and taking a walk using the Japanese process of Shinrin-yoku would help us through such a challenging time.