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Dr. Grauer's Column - Top Tier

High school seniors around the country are in the process of submitting college applications, leading to important decisions about which colleges should they apply to for admission. One of the deciding factors can be whether the school is rated in the "top tier". Does attending a top-rated school lead to happiness for every student?

Dr. Grauer's Column - Thanksgiving

The Native American “giving economy” was based on sustainability for their whole ecosystem. We are learning that our campus ecosystem is just as much a curriculum as any textbook.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Dirt

To the Kumeyaay, the soil was a sacred commodity that they treated well so they could grow everything they needed to live on. Applying the same principles to teaching, we find that our students grow naturally when we provide them with conditions they need to thrive.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Kumeyaay Counsel For Our Teachers

This week's column expands on the concept of a giving economy, practiced by the Kumeyaay who lived on the land long before The Grauer School was built. Our students are learning how to model this behavior, helping us build a giving and sustainable campus.

Dr. Grauer's Column - The Age of Questioning

The Grauer School Faculty welcomed the 9th grade class to high school in our unique annual Matriculation Ceremony. Dr. Grauer shares his advice, which can also serve as words of encouragement for schools to celebrate the coming of age of our youths all over the world.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Stoke and Wisdom

Guest columnist Clayton Payne describes his transformational experience with the wisdom and connections shared between generations on his 39th Grauer expedition. It all comes down to this—do what you love, with love, because you love it.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Four Geese

Dr. Grauer is experiencing nature on the other side of the country in Maine this week, enjoying the quiet beauty of rain falling on the lake on an autumn morning while paddling in his kayak.

Dr. Grauer's Column - Appalachian Dreams

At The Grauer School, expeditionary learning is something we believe in so strongly that we cancel classes two full weeks each year. In this week's column, Dr. Grauer recounts his adventures in Kentucky during Fall Expeditions week.

Dr. Grauer's Column - How Much Do Our Students Matter?

The Grauer School goes about things uniquely, and so the responsibility to demonstrate our efficacy is higher. All the evidence we need can be found in The Grauer School's Annual Report that shows how much our students really matter to us. 

Dr. Grauer's Column - Captain Ron’s Treadmill

While hiking mountain trails on vacation in Park City, Utah, Dr. Grauer reflects on the value of being immersed in nature. As he often reminds his students, getting outside makes all the difference for the healthy minds and bodies of our students.

Dr. Grauer's Column - A Giving Economy

A giving economy is where we take care of one another to benefit everyone. If we think of our campus and our community as a gift going in all directions, we are drawn into relationships now spanning two generations of The Grauer School.