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Dr. Grauer's Column - The Race to Somewhere

Schools and parents need a better definition of “success” for our youth. Instead of solely measuring scholastic aptitude and achievement, we must also measure social and emotional development, moral and character development, non-cognitive skills, and student engagement.

Dr. Grauer's Column - The Overstory

Dr. Grauer asks the question: Can we change the definition of intelligence to include a greater spiritual and ecological sensitivity? That would be a fantastic challenge for our schools.

Dr. Grauer's Column - 2020 New Year’s Remembrance

The start of a new year is the perfect time to look back and remember special people. In this week's column, Dr. Grauer remembers people who have helped him at different times in his life. Who is on your list?

Dr. Grauer's Column - Gossip

We're all familiar with gossip, whether we have engaged in it ourselves or observed others gossiping. What are the harmful effects of gossip in a school community, and how can we combat the effects and prevent gossip?

Dr. Grauer's Column - Bird Medicine

We just learned that over the past half-century, North America has lost more than a quarter of its entire bird population. What can our School, or any school, do about this tragic situation?