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Campus Life

Something Special

The Grauer School campus is an exciting and creative place of friendship, teams, and courageous self-expression. Think: “vibrant serenity.” Grauer is alive in the arts, letters, sciences, and of course, the development of healthy bodies.

Grauer parents have expressed that there is something powerful going on at Grauer, something they don’t have the words to express—something far beyond “schooling." Our graduates, however, are rarely at a loss for words:

"Grauer gave me the latitude to balance my passions with the core curriculum.”
– SH, Class of 2017

"At Grauer you learn to discover who you are, not who they want you to be.”
– Juan B, Class of 2017

“Something special about Grauer that can’t be found anywhere else is the general sense of kindness and happiness, and it makes me want to be my better self.”
– SW, Class of 2017

Secondary education is about coming of age. Grauer’s “tribe size” of 200 students and faculty members enables us to engage in what we know is historically best about secondary education, routinely lost on large-campus institutions:

  • student academic engagement levels beyond those of peer schools
  • lifelong bonds between teachers and students
  • belongingness and culture of friendship you can feel
  • flourishing entrepreneurship
  • age mixing: all students are both mentors and proteges

All these result not only in levels of student happiness and safety you cannot find or surpass anywhere else, but in college placement at unheard of percentages—90%+ of top two choice schools!

Have a look at our campus