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Campus Life

The Grauer School Smiling Minds

Small Private School with Global Appeal

"At Grauer you learn to discover who you are, not who they want you to be.”
– Juan B, Class of 2017

The Grauer School is a non-profit, small private school in Encinitas that celebrates academic achievement combined with diversity, inclusion, awareness and leadership for middle and high school students of all backgrounds and lifestyles. There are many small private schools in Southern California, but there is only one Grauer.

We understand that secondary education is about coming of age. Beyond scholarship, students are coming into their own power as critical, independent thinkers and dedicated actors. Our small private school allows students to accomplish this... all while in a nurturing, supportive environment where all learners have the opportunity to grow as both lifelong student of the world and compassionate social leaders, wherever they go.

Leader in the Small School Movement

Grauer is proud to be the worldwide leader in the Small School Movement. Our “tribe size” of 200 students and faculty members enables us to engage in what we know is historically best about secondary education, but remains lost on large-campus institutions. Some important benefits of the small school movement include:

  • Student academic engagement levels beyond those of peer schools
  • Lifelong bonds between teachers and students
  • Belongingness and culture of friendship you can feel
  • Flourishing entrepreneurship
  • Age mixing with all students serving as both mentors and protegés

This results not only in levels of student happiness and safety you cannot find or surpass anywhere else, but in college placement at unheard of percentages—90%+ of top two choice schools in fact! We are proud to continually evolve and in doing so, to constantly redefine what a small private school should be, and we remain committed to providing the most balanced, well rounded educational experience anywhere in the world.

Holistic Approach to Education

"Grauer gave me the latitude to balance my passions with the core curriculum.”
– SH, Class of 2017

We understand through research and experience that a holistic approach to education does not “produce” students as “finished product” outcomes. Instead, a holistic approach to education helps young people intrinsically cultivate themselves as learners and leaders for the outside world to see. Their educational journeys are their own. 

This is why The Grauer School is always alive and teeming with the arts, letters, sciences, the natural world and, of course, the development of healthy bodies. This all takes place on our beautiful, six acre LEED Certified school campus, which you can learn more about below.

LEED Certified School Campus

Our LEED certified school campus is the living manifestation of our holistic approach to education, because it is an exciting, creative breeding ground of friendship, teamwork, and courageous self-expression. 

As a LEED certified school campus, we are officially recognized for our sustainable stewardship in preserving and protecting the fragile local ecosystems throughout North San Diego County.

Campus life here can be summed up by the phrase “vibrant serenity”, as we sit on six acres in the midst of some of the most beautiful, pristine coastal land anywhere in the world. It is a sight to behold and an experience to take part in!

Community Service in Education

“Something special about Grauer that can’t be found anywhere else is the general sense of kindness and happiness, and it makes me want to be my better self.”
– SW, Class of 2017

We understand community service in education helps cultivate humanitarian, compassionate citizens equipped to excel in our incredibly diverse global community. During their time with us, Grauer students fulfill service requirements (link to Service Page here) far above and beyond what other public or private schools worldwide require before graduation. Community service in education is such an inseparable part of our culture that most of our student body gladly completes well more than we officially expect of them.

Small Private Schools in Southern California

Academic achievement, community service, compassionate social leadership and the development of free-thinking, critically conscious human beings make Grauer top the list for small private schools in Southern California. However, we could not achieve this distinction without students who value this type of educational experience. 

Have a look at our campus